What Bible In English? lll

A Simple Illustration

Albert S. Cook, the noted scholar and philologist, describing the effects and influence the King James Bible had on the English speaking world, said…

“For the first time, England was reading one Bible at home (KJV) and hearing the same Bible (KJV) read/preached in church. It thus became bound up with the life of the nation. Since it stilled all controversy over the best rendering, it gradually came to be accepted as so far absolute that in the mind of myriads there was no distinction between this version and the original texts, and they may almost be said to have believed in the literal inspiration of the very words which composed it.”

Perhaps I am too simplistic, but in my mind the following thought is as strong an argument for the KJV as any I’ve ever contemplated before. Consider the following scenario, which I believe can be verified by the facts of history…

Imagine yourself walking through the streets of the average American or English community some 125 to 150 years ago. Likewise, envision yourself knocking on the door of most Protestant homes and asking to see their Bibles. No question, the vast majority (if not every single household), would hand you a King James Version of the Bible. Now, visualize yourself asking them, one after another, if they believed their KJV was the infallible, inerrant, and preserved Word of God kept intact for them in English. Again, no doubt, very few, if any, would deny or question whether their Bibles were perfect. If you were privileged to enter these homes, for the most part, you would find large families, where the wives were “stay at home” mothers faithfully tending to their domestic duties and submitted to their own husbands. The females would be modestly dressed and the young men sober-minded, respectful, and possessing a solid work ethic. The children would be well behaved and fluent in the Scriptures. All would consider Roman Catholicism as a dangerous cult and the Pope as an anti-Christ (1 Jn 2:18).

Suddenly, near the turn of the century and advancing into the next generation, a movement gains momentum attacking the validity of the KJV and demanding new and more relevant translations. Confusion abounds and shadows of doubt are cast on God’s Word.

Now, imagine yourself in America or the U.K. today. Hardly anyone even knows what a Protestant is and if they do, they don’t like the idea of protesting anything, especially Romanism, as they count Roman Catholics as brothers in Christ. Ask the average professing Christian in America what Bible he reads and he will first ask his wife for permission to talk with you. If she agrees, as head of the house, she will literally take the conversation over, showing you any number of dozens and dozens of translations or paraphrases (she may invite you in for a beer and a cigar and if you protest she will quickly cry, “judge not!”). Few, if any, will believe the translation of the Bible they read is literally the pure, perfect, and infallible Word of God. Their children, should they have any, are rude, arrogant, disrespectful, naked, lazy, tattooed, pierced, have forgotten where their waist is, and are far more familiar with the words of their favorite rock-n-roll, hip-hop, and rap songs than they are with the words of God. Most live in gross sin and suppose they are right with God no matter what they do.

Dear friend, if you suppose the terrible and awful spiritual condition of our culture has absolutely no link to their low views of God’s Word, you are blind. The modern Bible translation movement, with their accusations against the KJV, has spawned a generation of “Bible-agnostics” who believe there are many Bibles, all equally legitimate, but none exclusive or perfect. The fruit is unmistakable. It stands to reason: if we had better Bibles today, we would have more consecrated and mature Christians than yesteryear. The opposite is true. Isn’t the trademark lie of the devil, “yea , hath God said”? How men fail to see this degradation of faith in Western thinking is not directly linked to the maddened Bible translation movement is beyond me. Obviously, it is the work of Satan. Don’t forget, the Bible is the best-selling book in the world, hence, Bible publishing is very lucrative…

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Today, for the most part, the only English speaking people who believe they have a perfect Bible are the KJV-only believers. Rarely, if ever, do you meet a NKJ-only, or NIV-only, or NAS-only group. Sure, they may believe their translation is the “closest” to the original autographs, but none believe a perfect translation exists. Again, this is an overall lowering of people’s view of God’s Word and it is all because of the modern Bible translations.



“…the scripture cannot be broken” -John 10:35


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