In these days of apostasy and compromise there is a growing number of professing Christians who denounce dogmatism as a characteristic considered spiritually counterproductive. This loose and worldly crowd seem to think deep, fiery conviction and passionate consecration are spiritual relics of the past. They foolishly assume being bold, vocal, and unyielding about Biblical truth is somehow both “unloving” and “proud.” Above all, they seem to be personally offended with those who follow hard after Jesus, being convinced that the way can’t actually be that narrow. They proclaim, in a somewhat simplistic fashion, that they have visited “this church” and tried “that church” and found flaws in all, thus they conclude: we just need to forget doctrine and concentrate on Jesus(a statement both unscriptural and stupid, see 1 Tim 4:16; Jn 14:6).

All this syrupy, soupy, charismatic cock-a-doodle-do is enough to make a man full of the Holy Ghost grieved beyond words.

Please deliver me from the ‘I-once-tried-every-holy-conviction-camp-and-now-I’m-offended-with-dogmatism’ crowd. Dogmatism and true Biblical faith are inseparable. Spirituality without dogmatism is like a shark with no teeth, a gun without a bullet, or a hurricane without wind: fascinating, but not life altering. A Christianity without dogmatism may indeed be absent of any repellent quality, but likewise, it will also be void of any attractive force. I appreciate dogmatism, even in those I disagree with, while I pity those without it. Jesus is dogmatic (He dies for what He believes). Satan is dogmatic (He kills for what He believes). Only half-breed hypocrites, with a toe in each camp, have lost their dogmatism (they philosophize about what they say they believe). The last thing we need today in this lazy, self-centered, soft, Laodicean, half-damned, sleepy American church is more rationalizations about how whatever zeal and conviction we do possess is offending the poor little thin-skinned fleshpots in our midst. If they can be offended with Christ, let them be offended. Give us knuckle-bleeding zealots in the church once again.

If this means I’m a Pharisee, please don’t wake me up. I hate that other jesus.

Throughout the Bible, men of faith have always been intensely dogmatic.Throughout the Bible, men of faith have always been intensely dogmatic.