Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils

I did not vote for Donald Trump for President because, among other things, he is a hypocrite, is not pro-life (by strict Biblical definition), and refuses to utterly condemn sodomy, etc. In other words, he is not Biblically qualified to be POTUS. 

However, I assert another excellent reason for Christians to withhold votes from such morally flawed candidates is so when they condemn others for voting for someone like Hilary Clinton (and rightly so) they can remain philosophically consistent. If the Bible and the moral principles contained therein are our basis for rejecting Mrs. Clinton (and other politicians of her ilk) how can we ignore them while attempting to determine who we will elect? 

Can we quote the Bible to condemn Mr. Obama while we close it to endorse Mr. Trump, seeing he disobeys the Scriptures on so many levels and remain consistent? I say, absolutely not. It’s like a man who cites God’s moral law to condemn his neighbor for marrying a verified prostitute while closing his Bible to marry a verified thief, claiming at least his bride is not a whore. A bit lame, and obviously so, if you ask me. 

If we urge men, as we did in 2012, to refrain from re-electing a sitting president because of his verified ‘ungodliness’, surely we cannot vote for another candidate while blindly ignoring his sin. Is it not utter, glaring hypocrisy to reason, “Compared to the Democrats, our candidate’s sin is not so brazen”? And, isn’t this especially true when his ungodliness is cloaked under religious sham and pretense? 

Now, if you scold me by saying, “Away with all this ‘Biblical Qualification’ nonsense in regards to politics and voting, we are not electing a spiritual leader!”, then be consistent, don’t use your Bible to condemn those who vote for someone like Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton. After all, according to your view, they’re only politicians. There can be no double-standards. If we use our Bibles as a basis to rebuke others for supporting god-hating politicians like Barack Obama, we must likewise apply it in our quest for qualified replacements.


Consider for a moment the standard whereby we decide what is evil. It is by consulting the Scriptures, our only objective standard for truth and righteousness, that we can absolutely discern what is right and wrong. Thus, if we’re going to apply the Scriptures to the Democrats, then we cannot close it to approve of Mr. Trump.  If we do so, we hypocritically practice a double-standard. This is my primary point.

Our nation is under divine judgment, judgment for sin, but perhaps the two most prominent sins that demand God’s immediate wrath are, (1) Abortion, and (2) the legalization and celebration of homosexuality. Mr. Trump is not pro-life (by strict definition) and neither is overthrowing Roe vs. Wade a priority in his political platform. His new spending bill offers 500 million dollars of funding for Planned Parenthood, which will result in thousands of innocent unborn children being murdered in cold-blood. Likewise, Mr. Trump is considered the most pro-sodomite Republican president in the history of American politics. Supporting politicians who refuse to Biblically address these critical moral issues do not remedy, but rather, compound the problem.

Christians must live by the Bible, not pragmatically.  Granted, Mr. Trump is perhaps better than Hillary, but so is Hilter better than Satan, but that doesn’t mean Christians could support Hitler. Christians must live by principle, not be governed by emotion. Mr. Trump is not pro-life (by strict Biblical definition) and pro-sodomite, the two primary reasons our nation is under judgment. 

Notes from Pastor Britt Williams found on FB. (edited slightly)