The Parable of the Great Inheritance

“A faithful witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies.” 

—Proverbs 14:5


Suppose you were the only heir of a very wealthy uncle who commanded a vast fortune.  The uncle, being very old and ready to die, set his assets in order and had a legal willmeticulously prepared by a lawyer.  Since there was only one heir, the legal document was very simple: the entire estate was willed to you at your uncle’s decease.  However, there were certain conditions that had to be fulfilled before the estate was legally liquidated and tangibly transferred to you:


1. You had to attend the uncle’s funeral service.

2. You had to serve as a pallbearer.


When the time appointed came, if you failed on either of these points, the entire estate would be forfeited and the wealth would be donated to charity.


Your uncle, a wise and discreet man, knew large sums of money often attracted unscrupulous men.  Therefore, prior to his death, he retained and commissioned an individual to serve as a special liaison in the execution of his will.  This simply meant, upon his decease, it would be the liaison’s duty to immediately locate your whereabouts, visit you in person, and thoroughly and accurately communicate the legal terms and conditions of the will to you, the potential heir.  The liaison’s obligation would be critical, seeing that a misunderstanding regarding the terms of the will could potentially cost you millions of dollars.


Now, imagine your uncle passing away and the liaison, your uncle’s trusted confidant, visiting you at your home.  After a knock at your door and a brief introduction, he excitedly blurts out, “I have good news for you!  You are now a millionaire!”  Overwhelmed with joy and deceived into believing you are already wealthy beyond imagination, you waste the next seven days spending money you really do not have on things you’ve always wanted.  Sadly, instead of the liaison’s message properly preparing you for the occasion, you miss the funeral, failing to meet the terms of the will.  When you finally realize you have foolishly forfeited your uncle’s wealth it is too late.  You spend the rest of your days pining away in tormenting bitterness, regretting that you thoughtlessly trusted the incomplete message of the irresponsible liaison.


The Application


As Christians, we are called and commissioned, as it were, to be the liaison of our heavenly Father’s will. We are to declare God’s Word to lost sinners, communicating to them the terms and conditions necessary to inherit the promises of the Gospel covenant.  Jesus died for all, but His death is only effectual for those who fulfill the conditions of repentance of all sin and faith in His atoning work on the cross.  Without repentance and faith no one inherits eternal life, regardless of what they believe, say, or do (Lk 13:3; Jn 3:36; 8:21, 24; 1 Cor 6:9-10; Jam 2:20).  Many, in an attempt to avoid offending sinners, tend to concentrate on the benefits of the Gospel at the expense of the conditions of the Gospel, leaving men with a half-gospel that deceives them and renders them ill prepared for the great day of God’s judgment.   Hence, when we fail to communicate the full truth, men will suffer eternally for our negligence.  If you tell sinners, “Jesus loves you and wants you to go to heaven,”  but fail to point out their need to repent and make Jesustheir Lord, you have failed in your calling as an ambassador of Christ and done them an eternal disservice.



"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ..." -2 Corinthians 5:20“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ…” -2 Corinthians 5:20