An audio transcript of Ambassadors for Christ

evangelism is a doctrine 

it is neglected in this hour it is neglected disregarded ignored oftentimes misunderstood and that that’s a sad thing amen that it’s so in the church and so in this conference it’s true then we’re going to look at difficult evangelism and hopefully we’re going to be encouraged a faith is going to be built to continue to go to do what God has called us to do

 but our emphasis is going to be Christ amen our emphasis is going to be Jesus everything you need to know about Christianity is contained in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ we have to look to him he is our model he is our example than we are to emulate or to follow him. (( Get a Copy Of Britt Williams Book ))

 I wanted to turn to second Corinthians chapter five verses 18 through 20 very simple topic to start this conference ambassadors for christ ambassadors for Christ and all things are of God who has reconciled us unto himself by Jesus Christ and have given to us the Ministry of reconciliation to wit that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trespasses unto them and I’ve committed unto us the word of reconciliation we’ve been entrusted with something we are stewards of this gospel we’re going to give an account aman with what we did with this life and with this message every single born-again believer has been granted life we’re a stewardship of this life and of this message and we are a debtor to preach this gospel

 we are debtor to go forth and represent the Lord Jesus Christ now then we are ambassadors for Christ though God did beseech you by us we pray you in Christ’s heed be reconciled to God

Lets Pray – Father we give you praise tonight Lord we ask father God for your unction and for your anointing father we ask you speak to us directly specifically open our hearts to receive the Word of God I pray that I would speak as the Oracles of God and Lord that Christ would be magnified and exalted we ask it in the name of Jesus Christ amen to God.

 Christlikeness can always be measured by our fidelity to the Bible did you hear me that’s not a popular thought and this are because we’re an unbiblical generation I’m talking about even in the church in direct proportion to our submission to Scripture or we likewise conform to Christ and no more you show me a man that says he’s a Christian that he believes in the Lord Jesus Christ but he rejects portions of a scripture and I’ll show you a counterfeit aman. Christ and His Word are synonymous  whoever doesn’t exalt and give the word of God preeminence smites or are undermines the person of the Lord Jesus Christ whenever we depart from the clear in the heavenly pattern we’re sure sure to produce something other than New Testament Christianity the Word of God is our criteria I said the word of God is the pattern and the model we must ever be captivated with Christ for he is that heavenly model for example if we want to know what the church is to be we can look to the Lord Jesus Christ for he is the house of God he is the tabernacle of God has come down from heaven if it’s the character of the ministry that were curiously about look no further than Christ Jesus the Lord for he is priest prophet and Shepherd and likewise in evangelism we want to know what it really has to preach this gospel and we can look to Jesus Christ for he came to seek to save that which is lost his message amen and his method I said his message and how he preached it is the pattern that were to emulate aman

 it’s an important thing that we have the gospel that christ preached do you hear me that’s of the utmost importance we’re arrogant and we suppose we can preach something other than Christ what christ preached and preach it in a different way that Christ preached it and do the will of God that’s proud and arrogant amen but much of the search word stand church will stand on that ground right there amen today’s church is a product of the gospel that was preached to her yesterday did you hear me you find in this hour folks aman they claim just about anything is the Lord Jesus Christ aman why is that?

Cause they have never been presented with Jesus they never seen him for who he truly is aman If you no christ you’ll never step outside of christ if you know him if you are submitted to him. unfortunately if our gospel presentation is corrupted then we’re going to sire a hybrid church a weak spiritually anemic mutation of the New Testament original and I can tell you this tonight god forbid that we would produce what we see as call the church today I would hate to have to stand before God in this hour and given an account for it calls itself Christianity what a terrible an awful thought against pure evangelism its message and its method is imperative to the spiritual welfare of the church aman when we get off on the wrong foot we’re going to go on the wrong direction do you hear me everything has to be settled in the beginning this is why we need to be encouraged to go to preach to truly represent the Lord Jesus Christ and to do so under the anointing of the Holy Ghost in other words we need to get the thing right and we don’t need to let the devil move us away from that which God has established in our heart I’m tell you this or not if you preach the gospel you’re going to be unpopular in this hour. the devil is going to try to move you kind of torment you trying to talk to you tell you that that’s not the right way listen to me Christ is Lord and he was hated of this world he said in John seven and seven the world cannot hate you but it hates me because I testified of the works thereof are evil when you testify that the works of that unregenerate world is wicked amen men will become angry and there’s no escapeing that.  (((6:53)))

 if you’re going to be a messenger of Christ you’re going to have to face the devil. as part of the plan aman Galatians 6 and 9 the Apostle told us let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not what a glorious promise aman if we do the will of God if your obedient to the Great Commission we may not see a hundred thousand souls be saved but somebody is going to have the opportunity to truly see the biblical Christ. do you hear me listen to me there’s not many people thats ever heard the gospel in america in this generation because it’s no longer preached and if the message is not preached then Christ can’t be known !

the church is full of mixture because a message has been mixed and that’s a sad thing i thank god for what god is doing. i got saved in this generation you got born again in this generation but it was in spite of what’s going on and not because of it i said it was in spite of it not because of it we read in second Corinthians who were called as ambassadors for christ which demands that we accurately display our Lord to a lost world an ambassador is what it represents his respected nation his people and their ideals it’s a distinguished and an noble office such men are appointed and solemnly speak on behalf of their superior we need to realize tonight to preach this gospel is a high and a holy calling it’s not a lie it’s not a casual not a carefree endeavor but a grave and a sober responsibility my Bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God and a minister of this gospel is a dangerous tool against the devil and the hands of god there’s a responsibility when you and I say Thus saith God is a responsibility comes with that proclamation now man don’t qualify as American ambassadors simply because they eat hamburgers and speak English is that true amen you got to be born here you got to be born here your citizenship must be sure you must be chosen qualified and sent that’s the truth listen to me we’ve got to be born in the kingdom of God before we can ever speak for Christ we got to be part of the family amen as Americans we expect our ambassadors to be a faithful vocal agent who will candidly carry out appointed messages and likewise an ambassador for Christ is one who must be accurate exact and precise and declaring this gospel amen if we’re going to be faithful to be ambassadors for Christ you say brother Britt what a simple message what a simple idea what it’s simple for we need to get back to basics aman the church claims to be fundamental and denies the basics of scriptures aman who’s even going forth to preach the gospel into the highways and the byways friend that is evangelism evangelism we went to the SEC championship game and preach with brother John brother Matt brother Zack others amen 

and that’s the city of four million people I believe that’s two states represented in that championship game and there was nobody there preaching the gospel 

I’m not trying to exalt us do you understand me i’m not trying to exalt I’m just saying that’s a sad affair of things however  listen to me a testimony of what’s taking place in our world we no longer believe that the preaching of the gospel is God’s chosen means to bring sinners to repentance but if we’re going to be faithful in this call is ambassadors for Christ I believe there’s four things that are needful for very simple things things that we would say it’s obvious and we would take it for granted but listen to me we go back to the simplicity of the word of God and see indeed are we submitting ourselves to God’s Word 

the first thing that ambassador must do he must go he must go mark 16 and 15 the Great Commission jesus said go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature that’s a spiritual licensed to preach at any time anywhere to anyone except the Spirit of God stops you or checks you or what have you.. do you hear me in this hour they said that’s not a good time to Preach. I beg your pardon I have a command from the Lord Jesus Christ to go everywhere to every creature and to proclaim Christ and him crucified that is the Great Commission that’s what the church ought to be about doing going everywhere and preaching everywhere when they were scattered in the book of Acts it says they would go ever were preached everywhere everywhere they went.  do you can you imagine stopping at a gas station and someone is preaching can you imagine going to the restaurant and somebody is preaching can you imagine everywhere you go ever stop light there’s a man of God full of the Holy Ghost.  go proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ will change the face of our nation I believe it would. They would either hang us from the light poles or we’d have revival and we wouldn’t peacefully coexist with this unregenerate age any longer that ambassador he must go he always execute his office on foreign soil do you hear me we need to be encouraged to go to continue to go brother in nobody’s listening to me that’s a lie from the pit of hell I said that’s a lie from the pit of hell you need to have faith in God and believe the Word of God that if you lift up your voice like a trumpet and sound a certain song somebody’s going to prepare them self . It maybe the few are going to be saved while we alarm the multitudes 

are not bowing the knee when Jesus said few shall be saved I won’t souls to be saved i desperately wants souls to be saved but i will not change God’s methodology I’m going to hold fast and cling to the word of God 

and my god has promised that his word cannot return void and we need to believe that walk-in faith,

 the American ambassador Egypt he has office in Cairo even not in Washington DC , he’s got an office there where he said he is there the representative an agent for the interests of the American government he’s born an American but to fulfill his office he’s got to go to Egypt.  you’re born in the kingdom of God  this church has headquarters right here I said the local church wherever you’re at that’s your headquarters.  13:21

 Christ is the captain of your salvation the 5 fold ministry is for the perfecting the maturing of the saints that they can do what they can do the work of the ministry .. what might that ministry be preacher??  going to all the world and preach this gospel the Great Commission came given to the church that’s the business we want to be about doing! oh well, I’m not called to preach.. yes you are you’re Christian you’ve been filled with the spirit to preach the spirit of the Holy ghost to be a witness although everybody’s not going to preach like me or  brother John or whomever but you can tell somebody about Jesus and then you can confront somebody in their sin, you can be filled with the Holy Ghost and out of your belly will flow River of Life that’s our call 14:11)))))

when you get consumed with souls you’re going to be a holy person  because you’re going to be filled with love and love dont want to sin love dont want to sin against his brother love doesn’t want to sin against his God love wants to be a pure the Holy testimony but it wants to see people come to the Lord Jesus Christ aman likewise he’s an ambassador for Christ he’s in the world but not of the world he said to represent crisis of pilgrim and a stranger of foreigner in a strange land how shall they preach except they be sent that ambassador must go that seems like such an elementary principle but why is it very few go why is why is it in the book of Acts what were they doing you see Jesus himself what was he doing we talk about evangelism what did Jesus do?

 he didn’t have a rock band he didn’t advertise his meetings on a Christian radio station he went into the highways and the byways he got its feet dusty amen he’s dripping with sweat I said it was blood and tears he preach this gospel in the open air I’m going to follow Christ, I’m going to do the will of God as the church were commissioned we are to be sent and we must go not to the found but to the lost the Bible didn’t teach the Sinners are going to come to the preacher but rather the churches to deliver preaching to the sinner can you hear me the true evangelist is sent. 15:33))))))

 he’s going on a tape salesman people say on up I’m an evangelist he visits at church sells his tapes and he never witnessed to the waitress at the restaurant something’s wrong with it call this man an evangelist  well he’s just making a living aman he’s just making a living hes sent he’s going out as walking among he’s bringing the word is confronting the sinner on his own ground I believe that of interest if he’s part of the fivefold ministry has a minister to that church I believe that so for the perfecting of the saints but i’ll tell you an evangelist if  you hear him preach two or three times and he’s going to say you got to preach to somebody he’s going to encourage for you to go out of these four walls and witness and speak of Christ he’s going to stir the heart of that church toward evangelism aman, not, you know we’re going to give a blender to how many people you 

know..  you get the most people to visit church we’re going to give you a blender this week we should come to the methods of the world , that’s not how we supposed to get people to come to the church on to entice sinners with what they should hate the church I tell you what ought to be a horrible terrible fearful place for a sinner that’s  playing with God. Jesus was rejected and despise of men there’s nothing attractive about Christ to a sinner unless the Spirit of God open his eyes do you hear me aman, Jesus said no man is going to come to me my father draw him. Now, if  we’re what we ought to be and we in Christ then nobody’s going to come in here unless the spear of God draws so why don’t we trust God to draw and do the will of God when I being lifted up from the earth I so draw all men under me not a circus and a rodeo and whatever else we have a muppet show and pupils  and mimes and rock concerts but somebody full of the Holy Ghost  preaching christ and him crucified 

someone going forth with the power of the Holy Ghost outside these four walls or a billion unoccupied pulpit I was called to preach when I was first born again but I’m never coveted a man’s pullpit  for I knew there were thousands and thousands and thousands to occupy and nothing more brew me for a pulpit inside the church and then an pulpit outside the church.   this greatest training ground for any man call to preach outside these four walls a billion unoccupied pulpit a multitude multitude of of sin bounds souls in need of what a preacher they’ve gotta have one I said they got to have a preacher. how shall they hear without a preacher that’s the word of god.   that’s an absolute my friend unless somebody preach the gospel nobody’s going to come to Christ “sir I dont know about that” I don’t know about that I got a friend you better base your theology on God’s Word that’s what the Bible says there’s a testimony of nature and Romans chapter one I believe every heathen that’s honest with ther testimony they receive another do you hear me every mission that’s sent 

 said has become somebody recognized there’s intelligent design be an intelligent designer what’s happening where I’m at I know I’m sinful oh god I don’t know who you are what you are but as you hear me please show me the truth what happen to the Cornelius he feared God the Bible says and God was no respecter of person 

He sent a preacher he didn’t pull a Bible out of the sky oh no a preacher had to come and the preacher preached… I can’t explain all that but I’m here to tell you we have a responsibility I said we have a responsibility to go and to preach this gospel somewhere in the shadows of the unknown tonight 

there’s a faceless lost sin traps or waiting and Pagan obscurity to be confronted with the truth who’s gonna bring it to him?  a preacher!  are you talking about Africa brother Britt? or Asia I’m talking about Africa Asia and America do you hear me this is a pagan nation this is the thing you go deep in the Amazon you go into the darkest jungle and Africa you know what you’re going to find you’re going to find a lot of lawless people that are seeking to gratify themselves they going to have body piercing from the top of the head to the tips of their feet and they’re going to be naked.

 do you hear me we’re going to go out to LSU tomorrow it’s going to be just what we’re going to see a lot of naked  folks and you let it get summer around here and they’re going to take up just about everything off they’re going to have the earrings in the ears earrings and their nose and a spike in their tongue they’re going to be filled with hatred they’re going to be lawless they’re going to be given over to iniquities they need Christ

 we’re called to preach  gospel to them. When a  Christian fails to see lost humanity as his mission field as his responsibility he is detached from the heart of God and that is an absolute  the apostle Paul  said I’m a debtor he wrote to the greek and to the barbarians both to the wise and to the unwise 

we’re obligated to that boy out there bailing hay and we’re obligated ((unatable)) the lies on the unwise oh yeah i know that professors lies but  no no he’s young wild ones I said that boy bailing hay he’s the wise one oh they profess to be wise, professing to be wise they become fools hey do you hear me we’re going to go to the unwise we’re debtors to them to preach this gospel to them a man that possess has no burden for souls does not and cannot truly portray Christ amen the church must once again go into the marketplaces and the chief  places of concourse ye into all the world and reprove sin but what is it what is the you know the method today and what is the slogan of the church in this hour come to our church and we want preach to you what a terrible 

awful thing you better not preach to them you’re going to turn them off I may as well say what I’m not going to pray for you now I love you and everything but I’m not going to pray for you preaching is biblical it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching the men would hear and believe and be saved how can they hear a preacher without a preacher you asked me tonight brother Britt  is the church apostate? you better believe it’s apostate  when the number one thing that’s hated in the charge is not sin but Preaching, they hate preaching more than they hate sin. They tolerate sin,  we all got to come in a little bit of sin but don’t you dare bring that preaching in here somebody is going to feel guilty if you do that God has chosen this method and somebody must go. somebody must go as an ambassador of Christ even you consider church history if Luther Springs from his duty because in Rome there is no Reformation even if Edwards hold his peace perhaps there’s no great awakening if Wesley refuses to obey the England languages and sin and degradation without of repenting America remains blind in its antinomianism do you hear me mhmm Hudson Taylor doesn’t go to China China perishes

 somebody must go the list goes on and on and on every generation has their men I said every generation a man full of god that’s willing to go we’re to proclaimed without apology the Word of God to be different to cinespace right Flynn against the tone and the tide of the spiritual climate of the day listen to me it’s going to cost you if you challenge the spirit of this age it’s gonna cost we’re going to be seeing these oddballs we’re going to be seeing lunatics man called me Oh loon the other day I said well on to the Holy Ghost hallelujah I might be crazy to you but I’m normal I said I’m the only normal one out here you’re all wrong you’re all upside down.  I’m full of God hallelujah as ambassadors for Christ we must man our duty stations carrying the gospel into all the world the Lord said unto his servant go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that my house might be filled.  23:52))))))))

no greater honor than a man to fill his lungs with fresh air and to proclaim Jesus in the open air little greater privilege no greater honor than that oh we need to see this such that ambassador number one he must go number two that ambassador for Christ he must be he must be he must go but he must be Matt 5 jesus said you’re the salt of the earth in other words you must be something you must have that characteristic he also said you are the light of view of the world let your light so shine before men that they may see not just hear a member it’s God’s designed that men see something that they recognize something that they will hold something even if there’s something different about you and I and that difference is likeness to christ

 and we be sought and that we be light as ambassadors were to be to our generation what christ was to all humanity you know the New Testament  the emphasis is not on doing but upon being because God knows if we are then we cannot help but do he hear me so the emphasis is upon be listened to a the Apostle Paul said but when it pleased God whose separating me from my mother’s womb and call me by His grace to reveal his son and me that I might preach him among the Heath 

I said that’s the pattern right there how does it he came Christ came and he was an ambassador for God the Father he represented God the Father God the Father was revealed in christ and the Apostle Paul came and crisis revealed in him and then and only then he preached if Christ has not revealed in us then it’s impossible that we have anything to say a value to this generation it must be christ, there can be no real preaching of the gospel if the Holy sinless son of God is not unveiled it’s not an intellectual communication and in far supersedes that it rises above that even it transcends just mere normal speech the preaching of the gospel but it is a spiritual communication deep must call unto deep, you can hear me the aim of the gospel preacher it’s not the land of that sinner but his conscience you gotta have more than words friend you gotta have more than an argument you got to have Holy Ghost you’re going to have the Holy Ghost a true gospel is not merely a message about life but life itself and that life is our message it’s not just aman speech   26;32))))

dear in his speech but it’s more than that that life is holy and it must be lived and displayed in you and our daily for the Apostle Paul’s I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you presents your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable in the God which is the reasonable service what happens when that sacrifice is laid upon the altar and all things are in order the fire from heaven consumes this sacrifice and he goes on to say that we all not be conformed to this world amen but be transformed by the renewing of our mind that it prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God that’s what’s going to prove the will of God that’s what’s going to prove the perfect but good the will of God why what is that you might ask? that’s Christ it’s the only thing acceptable to God why is that because when you and I are filled with the spirit then were filled with the life of God and we prove amen by manifesting the life of Christ we prove the perfect will of God think about Elijah’s day Elijah’s day was a day of confusion a day of era error abounded and what did Elijah  to do he said it’s not good for you to be halt  between two opinions amen and he repaired that altar and when that sacrifice was laid upon the altar the fire fell  there’s no more confusion men are delivered from their double mindedness because the good the perfect the acceptable will of God in heaven was known in that hour in this hour the number one question that you find within the church  where is God where is god what’s he doing what’s he like that’s what people want to know somebody has to prove the will of God to do things in order Christ must live in us as ambassadors if we fail to reveal the character of Christ we have no message a man that is Pentecost that Christ by the Holy Ghost would it have a to overflowing his temple and Pentecost as a prerequisite to true evangelism we must have that’s what we must have or ever will I speak in tongues that’s good you need to speak in tongues if you feel the Holy Ghost you will speak with other tongues but just because  you speak and other tongues doesn’t necessarily mean you’re still filled with the Holy Ghost every day to come to that altar so we filled with God apart from Christ finest there can be no effective ministry this means holiness of life and heart and that is a requirement of ministry you know the physical realm if we would learn we can look at our children who they learn to walk long before they ever master speaking what’s the application and the parallel for you and I ??  that ambassador must go I’m ready to go .. then I’m ready this no you gotta learn to be you got to learn to walk before you can ever learn to talk amen if you will not walk in the spirit hey man you will never speak for the spirit you’ve got to walk in the Holy Ghost you know only meant two or three genuine Christians and my and my sinful life but I never forgot them I’ve told the story to our church before but I’ll remember one man in particular and he was a rough cut man you could tell that he had been in the worst of had a gross sinful background had tattoos up both his arms it was just rough been in drugs alcohol perversion every kind of sin amen and I was about 17 18 years old I worked with him just a few weeks but when I when I when I worked with in his countenance was like a newborn baby been a Christian just a few years you listen to me though he had drunk that physical body through the degradation the worst of sin inside and body was a new creation  30;26))))))))))

I didn’t know what that was I didn’t know the theology of it but I knew one thing he is different than I was he’s a different kind of man his outside looks so rough but his inside was so different than I was  I worked with him on a coal truck we go into grocery stores and they’re supposed to stack those bottles for you and we go in the back and they’d have seemed like 10,000 bottles just pushed in the corner how does this help her hide to pick those things up and I can remember inside when they open the door  I’d look at that grocery my stomach would turn in knots I was infuriated I wanted to knock his head off but that Christian man but I work for he is just as sweet and just as kind and just submitted to everything they said and I never said a word to him because I respected him too much but I knew one thing he was different than I was I dont remember  anything in particular that he said to me though he said a lot he never shut up every time i tried to get him.. you know on a different subject he’d bring it back to Jesus he preached to me from the moment we got in that truck to the moment we got out .  I don’t ever remember really coming under gross conviction it was nine or ten years later before I got saved but every time I came under conviction I remember the character of that man I want you to be encouraged tonight you made preach to somebody you may have contact with them and you say I don’t see anything it doesn’t look like to listen to a word I’m saying you take my experience as an example it was ten years later but I spent many a sleepless night meditate on the character of a man whose name I didn’t even know   32;16)))))))

that seed was planted his message was more than a creed it was like it was who he was who he was we must speak now oh I know they got people say well you know I will just let my life speech you’re gonna have to open your mouth and talk maybe because God has chosen the Word of God is to be read the Word of God is to be digested the Word of God is to be obeyed and the Word of God is meant to be spoken it must be spoken but it must be coupled with a holy life that ambassador must go he must be and then and only then can he speak in any man speak let him speak as the Oracles of God in plain language that means if you open your mouth tell them the Bible speak the Word of God dony tell a sinner your opinion , tell them the Word of God that’s the best thing as you can give them the Bible says the Bible says the Bible says the Bible says the Bible says what about I got a verse for this.. you say will anybody even believe? It doesn’t matter. ((Unautable)) faith takes hold of that they don’t look like they will listen to me they said they don’t even believe the Bible is inspired by God it is and I believe it and because I believe ill speak it  and if I speaking it’s going to have an effect even on those who say they don’t believe it I’m just going to penetrate that heart,

 even Ephesians 6 in nineteen it for me but utterance may be given unto me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel why is the Apostle Paul requests prayer for boldness? Ill tell you why , it requires bones to say the things that you often have to say to be a faithful ambassador for Christ it requires boldness if you don’t have more leverage if you’re not a holy man you cannot you cannot preach the gospel because listen to me unholiness always breeds fear and obedient always breeds faith and it takes faith to speak the Word of God when acting on behalf of the kingdom we must not interject our own words opinions or thoughts as ambassadors for Christ we’ve been entrusted with the Ministry of reconciliation we read it earlier be he reconciled under God that is the substance of our message that it you need to be reconciled under god that’s unpopular that’s an unpopular thing to say to anybody and this hour because implies guilt  34;40)))))

a relationships been broken that’s the substance of our message its reconciliation but it’s not a call to diplomacy and word reconciliation in the greek it means to restore to divine favor by means of faith in the atonement I’m speaking about in the context of Scripture that’s what it means by faith in the atonement to restore the divine favor in the natural if you consider an ambassador he may indeed use diplomacy this subtle differences between two equal and legitimate parties but in times of war he’ll never compromise with the enemy he simply delivers his nation’s message you consider the American governments message to the Taliban when they say they were not going to negotiate with terrorists that’s the bottom it’s a time of war we’re not going to sit down and have a diplomatic discussion there’s going to be no concessions you’re either going to give up or meet the consequences that’s the message that in that time of war and when this book was written when the Bible was written that’s what in office of an ambassador was for diplomatic relations during times of war and that alone there was no commercial you know means or no commercial usage of that office the kingdom of darkness now listen to me is not a legitimate into entity as sinners a rebel levels against the kingdom of God here’s what is our message repent or perish that’s all it can be be reconciled unto God or perish face the consequences doing the natural always there’s promises of a solemn always given to the enemy that would defect and you know just like in the recent of the American government offered to the Taliban that you’ll change your ways if you repent you’ll turn over bin Laden then we’ll talk with you then we can have diplomatic relations you see the Gospels not very hard to understand when you recognize the issues at hand mankind is in rebellion against God it’s not a misunderstanding do you hear me it’s willful rebellion (unautable) reconciliation is the act of bringing two opposing parties to peaceful terms this is impossible apart from change we cannot promote reconciliation now we’re ambassadors we’ve been given the Ministry of reconciliation it’s impossible for us to promote reconciliation without preaching repentance and we cannot preach repentance without exposing sion somebody’s wrong somebody’s guilty somebody’s got to change and is not God do you hear me it’s not God there is nothing wrong with God what is the holy ghost come to do it comes to reprove the world that’s what the Holy Ghost does to the world Oh 7878 haphazardly floating around in the earth and form time to time interjection a thought into the hearts of men NO. when the Holy Ghost came on the day of Pentecost he dwelt in the church he flows to the body of Christ 

He’s going to use you, a human vessel to speak and  that Holy Ghost inspired me topreach and r approved sinners for sin righteousness and judgment. When’s the last time you heard message is preached about Sin exposing sin or  holiness the holiness of God true obedience to God our judgment to come 38;16)))))

 the three things that is the most seldom preached in our country are these things right here and people believe they are anointed of God and they really believe that they’re filled with the Holy Ghost and they’re filled with the Holy Ghost are going to be inspired to do what the Holy Ghost a it did and the Holy this does the prophet Isaiah he said come now as he speak for God the Father let us reason together says the Lord. all though your sins be as scarlet they still be white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool that word reason in the hebrew means to dispute to judge to plea to convict to convince to correct to rebuke to reprove come let me judge you let’s sit down and get to the bottom of this and your sins are scarlet and when you get up from talking to me you’re gonna know it so it’s so! There’s going to be a remedy but you’re sin you’re gonna agree with me you’re gonna reason so that sinners gonna reason with God maybe then God is going to deal with him first of all not on an intellectual plane but on a moral plane when I was a sinner I intellectually rejected the gospel but I had a defiled and agitated conscience God deal with me on a moral plane 

I didn’t want to believe I didn’t want to intellectually submit to it but in my heart I knew I’m not right with God something’s wrong I’m fearing to die oh I don’t want them to believe as a hell why cuz I know if there’s one that I’m going there you hear me? Men they’ll grapple with God in the intellect but we listen to the law the devil (unaudible) moral plane that conscience they must be held here we cannot be ambassadors for the kingdom of God if we speak with soothing tones to appease the rebels we must be painful for example if we witness this to a sodomite we’re not representing the kingdom of God if we say God loves you just the way that you are .  the other day we were you know dealing with some religious hypocrisy and a young man jumped up on the visions that I’m not here to condemn you i’m with you i love you listen to me not preaching the gospel you can’t present Christ without condemning Sin  it’s an impossibility.   40’31)))))

 if we preach the drunkards and fail to communicate God’s mind to them leading them to their delusion ..Jesus drank a little wine too and we’re not being faithful and remember like Christ defines the Christian so sin defines the sinner.  for both sides sodomite and the drunkard God has a direct word !

listen to me what must be ambassador do he must be faithful to speak for God if any man speak let him speak as the Oracles of God well what does God say to a sodomite he says it’s an abomination for you to lie with a man as you not with a woman . that you were worthy of death and on and on and off what did he say to the drukker no drunkard shall iherit the kingdom of God and then that’s what he says there’s  freedom there’s liberty to the cross and christ, amen brother but that must be dealt with that sin must be brought under the light if God inspired it then he wanted to be communicated he’s not ashamed of his work he’s not ashamed why do we have to soften the blow why do we have this tiptoe around the issue listen to me that’s what god 

Says  say it like he recorded it. that’s power it has power  to the atheists we can never say jesus loves he understands your point of view did you find this all the time I’ll go with some of the witness and they they’re not they just don’t have the moral fortitude just to speak what saith the Lord they have to just toss it over sugar-coated  we know the Bible says The Fool has said his heart there is no God had a young man a couple weeks ago a couple months ago said what you know what about an atheist ?  i quoted Psalms to him the foolish said in his heart.. he sighs what God says about you the food is said in his heart there is no God and so someone says well now you know you need to prove the existence of God. NO I told him what God said about it you know imagine someone seeking your counsel coming to  you know what do you think god thinks about this?  you have the ability so well hold on just a second sighs camera you can reach back in time and unzip eternity and God could just step out you don’t even say to that sinner he’d call his words verbatim to him and then he stepped right back into eternity and you zip up time and then you looking back at you look back at that sinner and he says what about this or what about that are you going to argue with someone who just rejected the Word of God what else can we add and God’s word?  

 we do violence to the Word of God when after we give the word talk to them we’re going to sit down and have an arm-wrestle match in the intellect with them and they won’t  hear from God they wont to hear from you.

 and I do you hear me thus saith the Lord that’s what the Ambassador is to say the Ambassador boldly proclaims the word of his king of course are those that oppose this method because they fail to understand the nature of the conflict and all of us that have been in the open air have seen this from time to time man that are more concerned with the feelings of sinners than the kingdom of God and all that reveals is they are idolaters that’s all it reveals,,, not to be moved by such men let’s hold fast till the Word of God there’s two impressions that I want to leave a sinner with every time I preach the gospel to it number one there’s hope there’s hope in Christ number two there’s no absolutely no hope without him then I’ve done my duty if I leave them with those two impressions as ambassadors we can never accurately represent a God of whom were ashamed of and listen to me this the church is riddled with this even the Apostle Paul told the young preacher to me preach Timothy preach the word be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke and exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine he said at all times when its popular when it’s unpopular invited our uninvited preach the Word of God but we will never declare that was were ashamed of many today are embarrassed i believe the God of the Bible absolutely feel obligated to apologize for his ways his words and his methods and they wouldn’t brazenly state this but I’m saying if somebody asked him well you know if I’m not born again what’s going to happen to me you ever see somebody get cornered up with that kind of question well your God didn’t want you to be lost just tell you going to hell you’re going to burn in hell it the will of God the only way to hell your way to hell of you reject God oh but see they’re embarrassed well they don’t think that God knows what he’s doing they don’t think they gods ways the right way people are saying to the Bible and to the god of the Bible much of modern day church  world much of the modern day church for all works of these basic false premises and I want you to hear me you’re going to recognize it men are victims of Sin instead of wholly responsible for Sin that’s what they believe in this other poor little sinner I used to preach in front of our abortion clinic (uneatable) a doctor and treat the mother like a victim the mother was a murder murder her offspring cold and calculated selfish mother go ahead don’t don’t kill your baby gonna cause uterine cancer happen too comfortable man you’re burning your child and they would weep they intellectually rejected that it was murder but their conscience cried out against how they teach it today man are victims rather than authors of sin. they cannot be subject to God that unregenerate make visits for me the need to be born again is twofold we must be changed we must be made holy remember that old man cannot know God everything about Christ is in opposition to that natural man it’s not foolishness to him we must be changed we must be born again but today’s theology it gives us the implication that God is simply misunderstood by modern man instead of hated by modern man so therefore the problem is one of communication rather than reconciliation do you hear me you hear me that’s why it’s not be reconciled the God but  if you just understood what benefit you do that and you can sit with God to do for you if you just understood how much gone love you as you can see so you don’t understand you don’t understand you don’t understand if you can understand you … no you must repent

 it’s not a misunderstanding it’s rebellion and the gospel instead of calling them to repentance urging them to give God a chance and that’s where we’ve come to this hour a miserable disgusting display of which should be Christ preached

 we presented Jesus begging people to follow him  instead of demanding men everywhere to repent and believe the gospel its another Jesus its hard to believe.. can it be can it be another christ there’s another Jesus  they subconsciously suppose he’s a bit outdated he’s obsolete and are unfit for the 21st century and they were merely doing our duty to adjust his ideals his methods his character to appeal to a broader base of interest all the work of a ambasitor  (unauitable) we are to reconcile the world to God not God to the world but that’s what they do in this hour it just adjusted a tweak  the character of God and he becomes acceptable to that simple nature and no wonder people come in to church and come to an altar and you never change they’ve never been confronted with God we’re getting to the alter  we had not brought them to Calvary .  48;54

 we have not brought to Calvary, unautable and there he is despised to hear Christ and rejected am in a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we hit as it were our faces for him it was disposed  and we esteemed him not.  it takes the Holy Ghost to make this gospel work it takes faith to preach if you preach at all cost if you preach against sin and you lift up christ it will slay everything it will bring destruction on everything it’ll cut everything to the root it looks on destruction  across it looks like destruction maybe it’s the epitome to victory  I said it’s the epitome of victory when Jesus hung on the cross and religious mind said you need to come down from the cross save ourselves you can adjust this is enough  use your mind use a little common sense they 

thought it was the epitome of  defeat but it was victory we preach the cross it looks like defeat it looks like it’s not gonna work he didn’t hit his Gods glorious win.    he’s done aman I said it’s god’s glorious wisdom this is all compromised and proved that the vast majority of those who profess Christianity are ashamed of the person of God listen to me if you and I refuse to dim the light then the darkness will rage always rage is going to be you put a light in his face have been it’s starting there’s going to be a reaction and you and I we see it such a strong reaction by the wicked and that religious mind says you are turning people off so what we’re actually doing is just go on a clear line for show you where you are now you got to deal with it how would you think of other John’s testimony you know we went out and confronted a gospel preacher no one in that crowd knew what was happening in his heart and his testimony a man’s preaching he’s in religious leadership and then he’s not born again he challenges of man calls him down and the man by the Holy Ghost amen speaks a word of wisdom to him and he puts him in a position where he compromises the integrity and what happens all the way home his conscience testified against him why does it work like that

 nobody knew ask the multitude that day if they have any recollection of john and probably remembering.. had no idea and then he would preach side by side that would that man today few sure to see listen to me it’s a deep working it’s done in the hidden places of the heart

 there we’re exposing mins true opinion of God in reality we’re tapping into the root of the problem and that’s very very painful for the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to who? for those who perish you’re never gonna win anybody to Jesus like that mr. well I’m know you’re lost I know you’re not rather god you think it’s foolish you know you think about the cost when Paul was inspired to write this verse the cross is not a religious symbol but it was a symbol of execution do you hear we need to remember because in our mind we think about the cost we think of a religious symbol.  but let’s let’s break it down like this if I were to bring up the electric chair to you and I who’ve been raised in this culture what does that represent to you I do you think about him an electric chair what kind of images are conjured up in your mind not guilt and condemnation and judgment is it not a criminal who is you know who’s done the most previous and wicked and hideous crime to deserve such judgment that cross to him his day it was an instrument of execution the preaching of the cross it communicates to me and you are worthy to die, you’re guilty and you’re condemned but what christ has done in your place the gospel means nothing if man does not see that Christ died for them they must see their guilt and depth of sin sinners are wrong and their conscience for testified against them .  I could go to LSU next week stand on a bench talk about Godzilla he’ll be visiting campus since week and he’s going to eat all the faculty you believe that you’re crazy but they say this about it anyway but they’ll stand in groves and argued and skip class why the conscious their conscience bears witness. 

 the Bible says they’re conscience will either what? Their thoughts will either  excused or accused and after all those justifications and excuses are rendered for their sin the carnal religious man sees the sinner recoil and grimace under the law and he sympathizes with his pain because he has never agreed with God do you hear me people that will side with that sinner under his conviction is in a convicted state themselves that’s why they sympathize with it we always sympathize with our bedfellows after we always defend what we love a christian will never defend sin.. if they do  there’s something amiss in that heart John Bunyan says the man who does not know the nature of the law cannot know the nature of sin and he who does not know the nature of sin cannot know the nature of the Savior 

and that’s the truth it is the schoolmaster a man it is the knowledge of sin by the law it brings us to Christ  today’s false gospel seeks to free men from their guilt instead of their sins.

 Yo hear people others hurting people a hurting church for a hurting world it is happening to a counterfeit selfish… Christians have a victory you hear me we are not sitting around and despair self defeat self-pity you hear me we’ve been complete ..  that’s not the spirit of god.  Whole churches are tapping  in to that spirit of self-pity we must preach the word but as we are called the preach the word our primary focus is not to comfort though the Word of God can be comforting though the Spirit of God comes to comfort he comes to cover those of a feeling those are repenting but to confrontation that’s what we call the nature of the gospel is bloody and why would a man study to be a surgeon if he faints at the sight of blood your hearing is you don’t have a stomach for blood this Gospels not for you because you gotta deal with the nuts and the bolts of the man down in the gut maybe that’s bloody you’ve been that priesthood with some bloody thing ain’t being blood on the tip of the year down to the toe until the little finer,  blood gore hear me Leviticus you read through offering the sacrifice there’s a laborious thing to read imagine how laborious it is to perform and it’s a type of the ministry today to labor to see that sacrifice placed upon the altar in the right place in the right way Amen in the right time everything in order that the fire  will fall and you and I listen to me a lot of times we’re going into these highways and the byways as ambassadors for Christ we’ve gone we are and now we speak and we’re preparing that alternate that sacrifices being pushed and it’s you laborious but we need to be encouraged to

 continue and a plow on until daylight because God will answer above fire that was exactly the order of Scripture and that needs to be our primary focus we need to do things according to the Word of God the last thing here tonight when the ambassador for Christ goes when he speaks and hears, he then accurately and only then represents Christ if you alter  any of  these previously mentioned criteria ,   we will fail to …. what they did Jesus  say is that if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father when Jesus came into this world he was an ambassador from God he was sent as a represented he came out to do his own will but this of him thats in him he came he was in spoke and his obedient constituted the perfect communication of the Father’s heart a failure to do this would have proven that he wasn’t  the Christ even the Christ comes the christ manifest God 

and now we were to come and the manifest Christ if we fail to go if we fail to speak it we fail to be then we are left and ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ and that requires .. all man should have the opportunity to accept or reject Christ on the grounds of reality somebody preach to you and I right?  somebody sacrifice somebody’s willing to be misunderstood somebody prayed for you somebody was willing, bold enough to speak the Word of God to you and now we are getting to do the same thing and our obligation is to this generation