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Is God The Author Of Sin?

Is God The Author Of Sin? Some may be surprised to learn that Calvinism, by implication, actually makes God the Author of sin. Calvinism (also

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christian modesty for women

Biblical Modesty

Biblical Modesty: Unfortunately, I have noticed that the modern church responds to the Biblical doctrine of modesty with confusion, apprehension, or worse, disdain. Sadly, fully

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THE IDOLATRY OF FAMILY In this brief article we will address a very controversial topic and slaughter one of the modern church’s favorite sacred cows:

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can christians judge


JUDGING AND NAME CALLING Can Christians Judge? JUDGING AND NAME CALLING   “They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh

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The Curse of Christian Pragmatism

The Curse Of Christian Pragmatism I would like to briefly address the tendency of ‘pragmatism’ among professing Christians. Unfortunately, this worldly philosophy is so ingrained

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