Should Christians Celebrate Christ-Mass?

“I’ve always taught, and accurately so, that Christmas (the Christ-Mass) is neither Christian in origin nor Scriptural in celebration.

Even secular history, almost without exception, acknowledges the pagan roots of Christmas.

Nonetheless, I’ve never believed that honest and sincere believers, dedicating the day unto the Lord, were necessarily in sin or idolatry and have always admonished those under my spiritual care to show grace.

However, I must say, I find it grievous indeed that so many ‘mature believers’ and professed gospel preachers [on FB] are so adamantly defending something that is ‘questionable’ at best. For anyone who is honest, when all the evidence is inescapably acknowledged, one can only ‘celebrate’ Christ-Mass when all the resources of Christian liberty are maximized to offer the thinnest of spiritual license.

Though the absolute condemnation of those who unwisely or ignorantly celebrate Christmas could be defined as uncharitable, certainly the endorsing, promoting, and/or flaunting of this admittedly pagan holiday is the opposite and more damaging extreme.

Perhaps, instead of being driven by religious tradition or influenced by humanistic pragmatism, you need to honestly ask yourself this one probing question:

‘Does celebrating Christ-Mass actually glorify God and is this pinnacle of Christian motivation truly the underlining reason behind my decision to do so?'”




IS Christmas Christian?